W2L: 2/27/12 – Favorite Senior Citizen

Monday, February 27, 2012: W2L – Favorite Senior Citizen

Dove in Wine, or Holy Spirit in the Spirit
Who is your favorite Senior Citizen?  Explain

My favorite senior citizen is a woman named Susie Keefe. She was the first person who prayed over me and confirmed (from the Lord) that I had Lyme Disease. Ever since then, she has been my own ‘Prayer Warrior.’ But the thing is, Susie is the last person in the world who you could see being a warrior. She is so in love with the Lord that it flows out of her every pore. She’s well off, but she lives simply and thanks God for everything she has. She has taught me so much about the Love of the Lord, because she truly adores him as her ‘Daddy.’ Some times she amazes me with just how like Jesus she is. For instance, she was having renovations done to her house and ‘lost’ all of her best (and expensive)  jewelry. Instead of freaking out about it or getting mad, she said to me, “ Bummer!… You know, I hope that wherever my jewelry is right now, it’s blessing someone.” I was flabbergasted.
Susie has always welcomed me into her home, never makes judgements or strong opinions, and spends her days blessing other people. That guarantees her a spot as one of my absolute favorite people.


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