You’re Bored? That’s So AWESOME. – Fevered Mutterings

Ok, time to be frank. I am so guilty of being bored. I’m also tired of it. I can honestly say that it is now my goal to go through every step and link that Mr. Mikeachim has suggested.

No, really. It’s going to be epic.



Random Fashion Quotes, Thoughts. « yourstylejourney

Random Fashion Quotes, Thoughts. « yourstylejourney.

I like to think that I’m not vain by nature, but I absolutely love fashion. There is absolutely no reason not to look good. Fashion is my favorite type of expression- it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve. Literally.

I don’t think that loving to look good is a sin. Loving yourself and your image above all else, I do believe is a sin. I don’t think though that God is going to smite me because I’m wearing skinny jeans and dark makeup. I think that He delights in our delights, as long as our greatest delight is Him.

Besides, who says fashion can’t glorify God?

I mean, really.