So, Some More About Me…

” if adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad…. ” (Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey)
So basically, I have a crazy imagination. Literally. Thoughts flow so quickly through my mind, sometimes I don’t even catch them. When I do, I deem them important enough to write down and post. What annoys me the most is when you have the perfect image in your mind, but nothing you ever find or create is quite as good as your idea. My favorite foods are raspberries, fried green tomatoes, tostito chips, and cheese cake.
The biggest thing in my life right now is the disease I’m about to heal from. I don’t care if the disease wants to stay in my body, its going away.In case you are wondering, I have Lyme Disease. Its been a struggle for three years, but I’m healing, and I credit it to God. Oh yeah, I’m a Jesus freak.
There will probably be a lot of posts about Him on this site, I’m kind of obsessed. I just see His grace and love everywhere, everyday and it leads me to try to discover and comprehend more.
One last note: I can bee very sarcastic, opinionated, and excitable. I love to be provocative, because frankly, people’s reactions are amusing. So yeah, be prepared.