5/7/12: W2L – The Package

Monday, May 7, 2012: W2L – The Package

You arrive home and see a mystery package addressed to you.  Tell me what happens next – make it fun!

Once more I am searching my purse- which is more like a cave than a purse- for my keys. I’m not paying attention to where I’m walking, relying on my instincts to get me to my front door. Vaguely I realize that I am nearly on my doorstep when…

I trip.
I turn to look for the culprit that has me sprawled against my door when I see a package. It’s nearly a square foot in size and incredibly heavy. This is evidenced by my swelling foot. ‘That’s strange,’ I think, “ I don’t remember ordering anything.’ Upon closer inspection I see that the package has my name on it, but no return address. I’ve never heard of a package being dangerous in real life, so I reach to heave it up and take it inside.
It doesn’t budge.
I try again. And again. I cannot lift the package.
A barrage of questions runs through my mind, the foremost of which are, ‘What is it?’, ‘How did it get here, if it’s this difficult to pick up?’, and ‘Why on earth would I be sent a package that I cannot lift?’. I continue on this futile mission for nearly fifteen minutes. Finally, I decide that I may as well open the package there, on my front stoop, and screw what the neighbors think. For once, I am quickly able to find my keys, and even more quickly able to find an exacto-knife. Soon I am hacking away at my package, tape and packing peanuts flying everywhere. I finally am able to get a look at my mysterious package, and I see…
A hammer. At least, that’s what I assume it is. It looks more like a brick on a stick. Looking closer I see strange markings around the rim, not dissimilar to the claddagh ring I wear. I grip the hammer by its leather wrapped handle and pull.
Nothing happens.
Though in retrospect I am not sure whether it was a product of my touching the hammer or not, at that moment I hear a whirring noise. It sounds like a small wind tunnel headed directly my way. As my hair, once so nicely curled, starts to whip around my face, I look up. The last thing I remember is seeing a god, in armor, cape and all, alighting on my steps and dwarfing my falling figure…

Can you guess who it is?

(To be continued… Maybe)


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