5/16/12: W2L – Favorite Superhero/ Princess

Wednesday, May 16, 2012: W2L – Favorite Superhero/ Princess

#2 – Who is your favorite Super Hero or Princess?  Why?  

UM while this is a great prompt, I’m pretty sure that everyone can guess who my favorite superhero is.

Bennett got it on the first try.

But if you don’t know, my favorite superhero is Superman.

Clark Kent is… perfect. A gentleman, quiet but indomitable, and a freakin awesome reporter. Superman is amazing, both morally and genetically. His sense of justice – not vengeance – and his abject love for Humanity and life is, I think, a great example of Christ’s love. It also helps that his dna kicks the Hulk’s butt. Just sayin’.

My favorite princess on the other hand, is Princess Aurora, more commonly known as Sleeping Beauty. I really identify with her. She was young and beautiful and gifted, and then struck with a terrible curse that cut her off from the world. BUT, true love conquers all!

….If only I had a Prince Phillip to fall in love with me at first sight….



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