3/7/12: W2L – Character Description, cont. from “Plot Lines”

Wednesday, March 7, 2012: W2L – Character Description

I believe that this is a screen cap from "His Girl Friday," but I don't remember for sure.
Pick ONE character from ONE of your prompts. I want details about that character.  Describe, IN GREAT DETAIL, what he/she/it looks like.  What is their personality like?  What does their voice sound like?  Do they have a recognizable trait (birthmark, freckle, peg leg, etc).  Name? Age?  ….. and on and on.

1. A young reporter accidentally stumbles upon an old newspaper clipping speculating on a “Man Who Commands Shadows.” A few months later, after investigating and finding that this character quietly pops up all through history, there is a huge terrorist threat to the country and the city she lives in. And suddenly, there are whispers of a shadow man…

Layla Cameron Whiteman had always been curious. As a child, she was always being admonished that “Curiosity killed the cat.” She felt very clever when she discovered the repartee to that statement, “But satisfaction brought it back.” She was promptly scolded for her impertinence.
Impertinence was one habit Layla could never shake. She was sharp and witty and never liked to be wrong. During her school years, she was known as ‘the girl who will beat up the bully,’ which often got her into a mess of trouble.
Luckily, Layla was one of those girls who was blessed with sparkling green eyes, dark curly hair, and a smattering of freckles across her nose, which could and would charm anybody. As Layla grew older and taller, she found herself deeply curious about the truth in all things. Her voice was soft and probing, her humor sarcastic, and her laughter like bells tinkling. She used her above-average height to her advantage when snooping around, though she would never admit to either of those accusations. Her desperate need for truth stemmed from her deep reverence for God, and she never missed a mass or confessional. She greatly anticipated each time God would whisper in her ear, and was devoted, above all, to the Truth, who is Jesus Christ.
By the end of Layla’s senior year of high school, Layla had become the head Editor of the school newspaper, was on the yearbook committee, was a member in the debate club, worked as an intern with a prestigious law firm, all the while working as a clerk for a Private Detective’s office. She loved to write, and her blog, “Is There, In Truth, No Beauty?” regularly had more than a thousand hits. Her wit and incredible imagination came across in her writing so intricately that her words seemed to leap off of the screen.
In college, Layla double majored in Journalism and Psychology, with a minor in Forensic Sciences. She loved her studies, but she enjoyed her social life enough that she wasn’t quite the teacher’s pet. Her outgoing personality gained her many friends over the years, who would be instrumental in her life to come. Directly after college, she was hired by the largest newspaper in the city, and spent two years working up to her dream position, a reporter on the city beat. She is very happy with her life, and her only dreams now consist of a Superman and a Pulitzer.


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