3/5/12: W2L – Plot Lines

Monday, March 5, 2012: W2L – Plot Lines

What is it about a story that makes you say, “this was really good!” Chances are that the action in the story had something to do with your response.  

If an author writes, “The king died and then the queen died,” there is no plot for a story.  But by writing, “The king died and then the queen died of grief,” the writer has provided a plot line for a story.

A plot is a causal sequence of events, the “why” for the things that happen in a story.  The plot draws the reader into the character’s lives and helps the reader understand the choices that the characters make.

So, for today’s W2L, write 5 plot lines for potential stories.  

5 Plot Lines:

1. A young reporter accidentally stumbles upon an old newspaper clipping speculating on a “Man
Who Commands Shadows.” A few months later, after investigating and finding that this
character quietly pops up all through history, there is a huge terrorist threat to the country and
the city she lives in. And suddenly, there are whispers of a shadow man…
2. A boy’s clock suddenly stops. Now, he has to deal with the Waste of Time, discover why
Time ran out and then suddenly and randomly halted, and what to do when Father Time finds
out. He has to race against Time to find the answers before the clock starts turning backwards
in the fall out…
3. A love story, about a girl and a boy, who love each other from the moment they are born until
the moment they die, told in metaphors.
4. A girl meets the Angel and the Devil “on her shoulders.” This is a story of their conversations,
as transcribed by an Archangel.
>> inspired by “The Screwtape Letters”
5.  A bird’s life. From an egg, to learning to fly, to discovering the ‘Backyard World,’ to learning
the way South, to mating, to laying eggs, to being a mother bird. This would be from the bird’s

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