3/1/12: W2L – Free Write

Thursday, March 1, 2012: W2L – Free Write


Mrs. Cindy's Class

Today, during our Psychology and Leadership Class, Mrs. Cindy was teaching us good group listening skills. She had us get in small groups and tell a five-sentence story. Below, you will find a word-for-word mash-up of the stories told by the members of our group. Our group consisted of Anna 2, Anna 1, and Amanda. I haven’t left anything out; I included every sentence of our stories and turned them into one big epic tale.My story is in Lyme Green, Anna 2’s story is in Red, and Amanda’s story is in Purple. So, sit back and enjoy the crazy.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl. She was cursed to be invisible by an evil witch, and only her true love would be able to see her. So she traveled the world looking for him. She saw many amazing sights. She came across a mouse that lived in a giant orphanage. His name was Australopithecus-Afarensis. He magically weighed 347 pounds. This mouse-with-the-unpronounceable-name wanted to learn how to read. So, he went to the library and ate all the books, hoping to absorb their knowledge. As she was traveling, Mr. T and Mr. Rogers had this epic rap battle. In the end, Mr. Rogers won. Unfortunately, after that, they both blew up. Chuck Norris then came and stole Mr. Roger’s Rap Battle Gold Medal, and declared himself the winner even though he wasn’t a part of the battle. And then, the girl met her true love, he broke the curse that made her invisible, and they lived happily ever after. the end.


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