2/23/12: W2L – National Be Humble Day

Thursday, February 23, 2012: W2L – National Be Humble Day

It's Hard to be Humble when you're as Perfect as I am

National “Be Humble Day” was yesterday.  What does “being humble” mean?  What are some ways in your own life that you struggle with humility?  How do you feel when others around you are not being humble?

Being humble means to be rid of your pride, to put yourself below others, and to uplift others than yourself. It’s a  struggle – I want to be acknowledged for all the things I’m good at, to be praised to high heavens (haha, yes I did make a pun). I want to be seen as some epitome of all that’s beautiful and talented, a ‘super’ ’model’. But then I am constantly reminded that, in the words of the song ‘Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus’ by Audio Adrenaline, “Never gonna be as big as Jesus/Never gonna hold the world in my hands/ Never gonna be as big as Jesus/Never gonna build a promise land/ But that, that’s alright/Ok, with me”. And it is – Because He’s so much bigger anyways, it doesn’t matter how ‘big’ I am to people. And sometimes, when I see people who love the Lord just as much as I do having no humility, I get annoyed. But other times, I understand. I know where the person comes from, and I know where their pride comes from, and I think, “ I’ll just love them – not cause they’re all that, but because in God’s eyes, they’re wonderful.” And I’ve found that when you love people with God’s love in mind, people’s pride doesn’t stand a chance.


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