2/21/12: W2L- DISC Personality Profile

Tuesday, February 21, 2012: W2L – DISC Personality Profile


In my personality profile, I was mostly an ‘S’, though I would better be described as a low ‘I’ (seeing as, I was most like the three other letters). Being an ‘S’ (and mostly a ‘D’ and ‘C’) means that I am a steady and cooperative person, who likes to be active and correct, and often is direct and concerned about a topic. Knowing these aspects of my personality helps me know how to treat other people who are like me, by using the ‘Golden rule’- treat others as you would have them treat yourself. It also helps me relate to people who are not like me, because I know that they won’t respond well to my usual method of doing things, and it encourages me to be aware of other people. It helps me live into Jesus’ command to love people the way the Father loves us- through my awareness I have the opportunity to bless people who work differently than I do.


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