2/15/12: W2L – Vocab Sentences

Wednesday, February 15, 2012: W2L -Vocab Sentences

                    *see if you can guess which words are my vocab 🙂

1. My favorite literary ‘hero’ is Frederick Wentworth from the book Persuasion (by Jane Austen), who is a Captain in Her Majesty’s Navy.

2. Most people don’t know about Persuasion, because it’s one of Jane Austen’s more obscure novels.

3. In the book, the heroine, Anne, is dilatory in her love for the Captain.

4. She is alienated by him, because in the past she denied his marriage request.

5. Anne denied him because of the disparity of their situations in life; she was the daughter of a Baronet, and he was a penniless sailor.

6. In reality, it was her family that made Anne deny Frederick her love, and encouraged her to suppress her feelings in favor of theirs.

7. In the ‘present’ setting of the book, Anne and Frederick’s situations are now reversed, and the book opens with Anne trying her hardest to teach her family to be frugal.

8. Anne’s father was obsessed with the aesthetic – he was worried that a sea-roughened sailor would ruin his image.

9. The lack of camaraderie between Anne and everyone who claims to love her is a large element in the plot of the book.

10.  Her family desired her to emulate them and their lavish way of life, but Anne decided to follow her heart instead.


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