Being Lazy…

Ok, it’s been a while since I posted. This was, as you can probably deduce from the title of this post, because I was being lazy. I didn’t do fun things, I didn’t do very many important things (I did go to a funeral, and I had trouble getting myself out of bed for that!), and I didn’t do things I needed to get done. How hard is doing a few simple errands that can be completed in one store? I would say, ‘it’s summer! Take the time to chill!’ but I have responsibilities, and besides that, I’ve been chilling for the past three and a half years! (Well that’s putting it very lightly, but I have been in bed for the past three and a half years) Part of me wonders if me wanting to stay in bed all day and read drivel on the internet (not y’all, dear readers) is just that I don’t want to exert effort after all this time, or maybe I’m not as well as I seem? I don’t feel so horribly fatigued though, like I use to. I still have great difficulty falling asleep, but hardly any of my other symptoms are there, aside from my brain being a little slower on the uptake than it was before the illness. So what’s the deal?! Why don’t I want to do some fun things, and do some things I know that I have to?

So, all I’ve been able to accomplish at home is giving various internet sites waaaaaayyyy more hits than their worth, and successfully not doing any math work. Because,


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