New Experiences

So yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to meet about 40 kids from Delhi, India when they came to my school. I go to a small school, so I wasn’t grappling for attention. The indian students, they were SO not what I was expecting. First of all, they go to a pretty nice private school – blazers and uniforms and all. Secondly, they’re ridiculously smart. As they were showing us a Powerpoint about their school, one girl (my new friend) pointed out a wall that had been painted all over – a student-made mural. She said that it was created by …. and from her tone, I thought she was going to say ‘ students with special needs’. It had that compassionate, pitying, I’m-trying-to-understand-those-poor- souls kind of sound. Instead she said, ‘ students who aren’t maybe as intelligent, but good at art.’ Ok.

Culture shock. When art students are looked down upon, I need to hide my sketches. I think they were unimpressed with the student artwork all around the school. They were certainly unimpressed with the food – Thank you, Bojangles’. They were so sweet and willing to learn and share, though. They had a boy sing one of their songs for us, a haunting melody that leaped back and forth over the musical scale. We replied with one of our own songs, a worship song we had just sung that morning. Our guitarist and drummer are particularly awesome, and with four of us girls leading, worship was fun, beautiful, and amazing. At first my friend was like, ‘We can’t sing this! It’s against their culture.’ I replied with, ‘So? They know we’re a Christian School. Why shouldn’t we do our thing?’

And so, we did our thing, and God did His thing. And you know what?

One of the Indian teachers got up and started to dance.

Oh yeah, best. jam. sesh. EVER.

So by the end of the day, I have a dozen new Indian girl friends, know only 3 of their names, have an Indian gift (a gorgeous bracelet) and an opportunity to change the world on a global level (our schools are teaming up with an organization called Global Initiative). All in all, a Good day.


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