Hey Y’all!

Welcome to my World! … And everything it contains. Here you will find the ramblings a disease addled-teenage girl, and if that says anything, it should say ‘This is gonna be a bumpy ride.’
I created this site mostly because it was required in my writing class, but hey – you never know what you may find here. I may just surprise us both.
I call myself a ‘girl, in passing’ because I have found myself thinking, “One minute, I’m fourteen years old with a head cold, the next minute I’m seventeen just trying to get out of bed in the morning.” It’s like I’m watching my girlhood passing me by and having adulthood bear down on me.
So, I think this just might be fun. Or crazy. Or, as Scotty says, “I like this ship! It’s excitin’!” ( And now that you know my darkest secret – that yes, I do love Spock Star Trek – I’ll just let you go explore.)
Enter at your own risk; beasts of fantastic natures may be found within.



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